Digital Plant Setup

More and more enterprises are starting to build digital factories to improve their management level, improve management efficiency, reduce management costs, and speed up delivery, etc.. Realize the transparent management of materials and material flow status, inventory status, optimized delivery of process work orders, business processes and results such as funds, output, and on time delivery rates. Real-time display of material flow status such as raw materials in transit, in warehouse, WIP (work in process), semi-finished products, finished products in warehouse, finished products in transit, and finished products receivable; capital status corresponding to physical logistics; capacity load and bottleneck capacity load status, prospect of promised delivery; production process related information such as safety, quality and production efficiency (per capita efficiency, effective output of 10,000 yuan salary), effective output of resources, etc.; effective output trend chart calculated by day, order load chart, the operation status of the factory is presented in a panoramic and full time domain, and the operation process and results are presented in a digital and transparent manner.

The establishment of a digital factory is a long-term and continuous process, and enterprises need to establish the concept of long-term and continuous construction.

Ningbo factory has successfully implemented the ERP system since 2005, and has gradually established a drawing paperless management system, MES system, SCM system, employee suggestion system, tool management system, etc., and completed the MES system upgrade at the end of 2021, the launch of the new RCPS system was completed in early 2022, which further improved the digitalization level of the factory.

The factory will continue to follow the trend and move forward under the wave of digital reform. It was planned to complete the establishment or improvement of the energy management system, OA system and TPM management system based on the Microsoft Power Platform by the end of 2022, and further build and improve the digital factory, improve management level.

Post time: Feb-09-2022